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Charles Williams

“Your future isn’t just a place you’re going to...It’s a place you’re going to CREATE!”

Let Charles Williams Help you do just that!  He is a sales person’s SALES PERSON! Whether he’s selling a product, a service, a new way to do things or a fresh look at how you currently do things, he will inspire, instill confidence and encourage your people to greater heights and more success with his incredibly enthusiastic approach to life!

Charles Williams’ talents, abilities, creativity, education and experience are brought together whether he’s teaching, speaking, training or entertaining, Charles Williams is the presenter you’ve been hoping to find!  Your group will be glad you’ve found him!

Sweet Success” is his original, motivational Keynote presentation.  Designed to help you and your audience thrive in today’s complex business world, Williams introduces you to a personal friend who successfully recognized, faced and soared above the crowd in his quest to become the undisputed “King of the American Road!” His take-a-ways are as powerful and productive as his message is enjoyable to experience.

Bank Security Training:  As a professional banker, Williams took on the challenge of providing meaningful, effective training in the area of Physical Security in the Banking Industry.  Today, thirty years later, he is a regular presenter for individual Community Banks, and state and community banking organizations across the country.  When you listen and understand his perceptions, his creativity and his insights, your people will see the security of your organization like never before and make the changes not just to be within the FDIC regulations,  but to help you keep your institution and your people safe!

Banquet Entertainment: is a part of everything Charles Williams does!.  Let him near a guitar and a microphone, (he actually brings his own) and he will have your group listening, laughing, learning & loving it!  With his quick wit, homespun stories, hilarious songs and powerful motivational messages, he will show your group how to laugh at themselves and how to really enjoy the opportunity!

​A multi-talented, Gifted and very versatile individual with the ability to help your group live, laugh and learn and he's as close as your telephone or email!  Why not give him a call today.  You and your group will be glad you did!

Charles Williams

"This man is Crazy...You'll be Delighted!"

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