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"This man is Crazy...You'll be Delighted!"

Southern Speaker Southern Humor

"This man is crazy...

& You'll be 


Southern Speaker southern humor guitarist

Charles Williams


The tried and true TIC formula works for introductions.  

Three words:   Topic   Interest  Speaker

To make a great introduction, don't read all the copy you're sent.  Think just a minute about all the introductions you've heard and how you've wished many would end!

To Introduce Charles Williams or anybody at any function remember:

Keep it short and simple and by all means UNDER ONE MINUTE

NOW, to introduce Charles Williams as your Banquet Entertainment here's a sample of how you might do it:


This evening we are going to have a good time with Good Clean Fun!

I think you're going to thoroughly enjoy the next few minutes simply because Laughing is Good for all of us.

"This man is CRAZY...and You'll Be Delighted"  is what you'll find on his website and it's also what you'll find as you get to know Charles Williams.    He is a Southern Speaker, a former banker, a professional trainer and he has stories, characters, songs and insanity that I think you'll really enjoy.  Add to that a little finger style guitar, first hand southern humor, and a genuine love for what he does, well, I think tonight we're in for a treat!

​Ladies and Gentlemen, lets welcome,

Charles Williams