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"This man is Crazy...You'll be Delighted!"

Southern Speaker Southern Humor

 "SWEET SUCCESS" is Charles Williams' original presentation designed, tested and proven to be highly motivational for groups anywhere in America.   "Sweet Success" is something Charles knows personally.  His old friend and mentor, Mr. W. S. Stuckey, Sr.,  is the inspiration.  It was "Stuckey" who started in the 1930's by giving  "Checks" to local farmers to buy their pecans.  Mr. Stuckey took the pecans home to his wife, Ethyl, and they made candies people love to this very day.  Pecan Divinity. Pecan Fudge.  Pralines!   Hundreds more.  Stuckey's "Sweet Success" was born!

You will take away seven very important ideas from this presentation:

  1.  Where you are now is the best place you could be!

  2.  You can't get going until you get started!

  3.  Good ideas generate more good ideas

​  4.  Know Your Customer

  5.  Repeat business is the best business

  6.  Smart Advertising is critical to your success

​  7.  People won't do business with people they don't like!

It was pure Americana.   "Sweet Success" is an American Success story that continues even today, 85 years later.  W.S. Stuckey was indeed the "King of the American Road" and his story is an absolute inspiration and guide for business success!  And to hear it from Charles Williams, a talented speaker and a personal friend of Mr. W. S. Stuckey himself is an amazing experience. 

Charles Williams "Sweet Success" keynote can lead to your  own "Sweet Success" story. Please watch the video for a brief sample.  Then give us a call or an email today to find out how we can help 'Sweet Success" come your way!


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